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Saturday, April 24, 2010


By Ellen Hopkins

Reviewed by Lupe

Five teenagers living in different parts of the country all have different stories dealing with the same things. Love, sex, and drugs are just three of the things these kids deal with. Looking for safety, compassion, love, communication, and themselves, yet finding them in all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons. Trusting others is a lesson these teens will have to learn as they go on with their crazy journeys in order to find what they long for. Meanwhile figuring out who they are, who they have become, if they like their new selves, and mainly if they will be able to forgive themselves for the things they have done.

This is an exhilarating book that keeps you shocked as you keep reading. It grips you by the heart and keeps you reading till you find out what truly happens to these poor teens that lead them to the situations they're in—wondering how they will overcome it all and even if they will overcome it.

* This book is available at your local library or bookstore. The Birmingham Library has other titles by this author.

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