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Sunday, April 25, 2010

To Kill A Mocking Bird

By Harper Lee

Reviewed by Jonathan Miguel

To Kill a Mocking Bird may look like a big old and boring book, but when you start to read the book, it shows you what it was really like back in the early 20th century. When I first saw the book, I did not like it because it was way too big and the book cover looked very boring. When I started to read it out of my own freewill, I started to fall asleep as soon as I finished the first chapter; it was all boring to me and did not make any sense to me as well. After the first 3 chapters, I started to notice that I liked the book. It got more intense, and it started to show what the 20th century was really about.

Atticus Finch is a lawyer and a very important person in Maycomb. Then there are his children named Jim and Scout Finch, who love to explore the little town, walking around saying "hi" to their neighbors and being kids. Now his sister Scout is not girly, for she loves to be a tomboy with her brother. Jim is a protective over his sister, and he is always there to comfort her by telling her: "Try and go to sleep, it will all be over tomorrow, maybe."

There is also this kid name Dill, who is a summer neighbor as every year during the summer he flies in to Maycomb to spend time with his family and play with his friends. He is the kind of child that thinks he knows everything there is to know about the world. There is one thing that Dill, Jim, and Scout become more and more interested in, and that person is Boo Radley. No one knows who Boo is in the town of Maycomb, but these kids want to know who he is because they have heard some scary stories about his family and what he has done. So one night, they decide to break into his house and see if what all they've heard is true, but they are so scared that they run out of the house before they find out anything. Atticus Finch, Scout and Jim's father, is doing a huge law case about a person named Tom, who is being accused of raping a white female. Now to find out what happens you have to read the book. It's a timeless tale, and you will like it too!!!!!!!!!!!

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