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Thursday, April 8, 2010


By Nancy Garden

Reviewed by Timothy

I liked this book; it was very interesting to see how you can only do so much to a person. Like i mean the kid is a ninth grader who's been picked on throughout middle school, and only had one friend. The kid's parents aren't his biggest fans either. His dad favors his older brother, who is just the biggest suck-up in the world and pretends that he's all goody two-shoes, and gets into no trouble. So when he does get in trouble he stands out even more. Like his dad tells him he should be more like his brother. His mom doesn't wanna make the dad angry or to get into any arguments, so when he says anything about the son she just goes along with it, and doesn't stand up for him. He also releases some of his stress out on playing his drums, and shooting his bow and arrows. Then he gets kicked out of his school, because the bullies at his school beat him up so much that he brings a knife to the school for protection and gets caught with it by the principal. So now his dad wants to move for a job.

Everyone is planing on a new beginning; the kid has started high school in a new town with new kids. He hopes that things will change so he keeps repeating "it will get better it will get better." Then he meets a girl and a boy in his new town and makes friends. The girl is older then him like his older brother , and the boy is his age. He joins the band at his high school, and when everything starts to go good his life just goes right down hill. "Nothing has changed," he says, because there are bullies at this school to.

I love the way this book had great climax moments where you didn't know if the next page was gonna be the page where you find out what is gonna happen, but you don't and it makes you wanna keep turning pages. Like the part where he says "I could see gray light around my window shade, and I felt I don't know, different, stronger. The black cloud thinner I knew it was thinner, this was a special day I'd been waiting for, even when I hadn't known I was."

I would recommend this book for someone who wants to know about consequences and how hard they can be because of your little mistake. also for someone who likes suspense and thriller books.

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