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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What My Mother Doesn’t Know

By Sonya Sones
Reviewed by Thuy Nguyen
In the book, Sophie is a girl who lives in an unhappy family. Her mom doesn't understand her, she doesn't feel, love from her family, and she only can share her feeling with her two best friends. Her parents usually fight in front of her. She feels suffering and she doesn't want to listen. She falls in love with so many guys, and changes her love really fast like a pinwheel.
I can understand the feelings of Sophie, who needs love from her family. The love from friends is different than love from the family. You can see how Sophie feels and wishes to have a happy family. You can see how Sophie's feelings change about love. You will have to read the book to find out if Sophie will have a happy family? Will her mom understand her? Will she have a true love?
This book is written like a poem but actually it is s story. Don't worry if you will have a hard time understanding the book. It's easy to understand. There are so many interesting things that happen. The book will make you not want to stop reading until the end. You will enjoy this book.

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