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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Someone like You

By Sarah Dessen

Reviewed by Jennifer

I recommend the fictitious book Someone like You by Sarah Desssen mostly to teenage girls. If you like to read different ways of how a girl experiences her high school life, you will get that in the book and live another girl's life. This book is one of those books where it gets so good you do not want to stop reading!

It is mostly about this girl Halley, who is not too outgoing; she is shy. When she was a little girl a new neighbor came over, and it was a girl her age. The girl's name was Scarlet. She never knew they would be best friends. Scarlet is the outgoing type and they are totally different. They grew up with each other and then came high school! Everyone knows Halley as "Scarlet's friend." It is only the beginning of their junior year and everything changes. Halley was the one to always ask for advice and Scarlet would be the one to hold her till one day… Scarlet meets this boy who she quickly likes and they are happy together. Then something unexpected happens and that is the moment the girls' roles change.

There is never-ending excitement in the book. It's as if there is adrenalin in the book that excites you and makes you want to read more! You see the change and the struggle. Not only do Scarlet and Halley seek help from each other, but also, they are there for each other. There are surprises! You see how Scarlet's life is changed forever when she tells Halley big news…You see the boys they fall for as you read and how not every boy is who you think. Halley finds herself involved with a boy who may hurt her in a way you would not even imagine! There is also a moment of truth in their friendship. Read this book and you'll find that you love it!

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