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Friday, April 23, 2010

Heartless (Pretty Little Liars series)

By Sara Shepard

Reviewed by Mary

Ever had that so-called best friend you wanted to disappear because she knew a little too much? Then this book is for you. The disappearance of all around, popular Alison Dilaurentis shocked everyone in the town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Everyone is left confused and scarred by the terrible incident. Alison's best friends are left scared and bewildered because the night Ali went missing was the night they were having yet another sleepover. Years pass and still no clues to what could have happened to the beautiful and popular Alison. Just as the four young best friends are trying to get over the disappearance of their BFF, they start to receive text messages, which make them rethink Ali's death. Follow the teenage girls on their journey to figure out who killed Ali. The girls face media and publicity issues, yet they still strive to figure out, "Who killed Ali?"

I'd recommend this book to my peers, because this book grasps your attention and makes you rethink all that you have read. The author Sara Shepard keeps changing the scenarios and plotline, which catches the reader's attention even more. She also uses slang and very familiar teenage language, which makes the book easy to read. Quotes in the story such as "Ali killed Ali" caused my body to get Goosebumps because evidence may lead to a suspect or Ali herself? The mysterious texter changes his/her persona, which causes confusion. So are you ready? Grab the series and begin your dramatic adventure. If you dare…

*This book is available at your local library and bookstore.

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