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Sunday, April 25, 2010


By Ellen Wittlinger

Reviewed by Adriana

"Summer became a golden promise, a lovely liar or a chance for a new life."

Sandpiper seems like your ordinary girl who lives in the town of Hammond a small town surrounded by the harbor. Sandpiper is a sophomore and throughout her eighth grade year and sophomore year she has been with quite a few guys. But sandpiper becomes tired of just being with guys. It seems that she wants a boyfriend this time around. She meets a boy called The Walker and he is a quiet guy who just walks around town. One of Sandpiper's exes Derek starts harassing her. Then Walker gets involved, and he and Sandpiper share their horrible past. 

Sandpiper is a very interesting book, which I recommend. It tells the story of a girl, and how her life is and how her reputation is because of what she has done.

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