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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Million Little Pieces

By James Frey

Reviewed by Martina


James Frey, a drug addict, hits rock bottom in his life. His only choice to even begin to get his life back is to spend time in a rehabilitation clinic. It is in this recovery period that he reaches down into his soul to find out if he is strong enough to beat his addictions. During this time he befriends and clashes with fellow drug addicts and staff workers. He also falls for a young woman that helps James find the will to live again.

Favorite quote:

“Hold on”. Those two words are so vital to his fight to save his life. James’ life has become a tight rope. From one minute to the next he is not sure if he can hold on or lose everything. To keep killing from self loathing James hold on, breathe, and simply take one day at a time.


This book is very poetic. It is a memoir that is written in prose. It is the most raw and gut-wrenching book I have ever read. In short, simple, and uncomplicated sentences James reels you into a dark and complicated world. You feel his pain, his struggle, his sadness, and his frustration. A roller coaster as he takes you on a journey into his journey of recovery and self discovery.

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