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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Story of a Girl

By Sara Zarr
Reviewed By Silvia Ramirez
    "Sometimes rescue comes to you. It just shows up, and you do nothing. Maybe you deserve it, maybe you don't. But be ready, when it comes, to decide if you will take the outstretched hand and let it pull you ashore."
Deanna Lambert is haunted in high school by what happened three years ago. She never had the chance to tell her side of the story. Tommy Webber is the one who keeps spreading his side of the story. Her relationship with her father becomes bad. Her feelings towards her best friend Jason are beginning to change. Just about anything you can think of happens to her.
This is a good, realistic fictional book. It shows the hardships of a young girl, and how she copes with them. I think if you are a girl with a bad reputation and want to do something about it or someone who has made some mistakes and is regretful, than is a good book for you.

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