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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Street Pharm

By Allison Van Diepen

Reviewed by Jacob Williams

For those who enjoy reading about being in something so deep that you can't get out without a little inspiration, this is a good book for you. Also, for those who like to know that you live in a place of ruins and that there is no way to get out, this book gives you hope. Street Pharm gives you the experience of being in tough situations and being able to talk your way out of it. This book is not only urban, it is also smart. It lets you know no matter what you want to do in your life, you're going to need brain. I highly recommend it to those who like to look into the excitement of other people's lives; it gives plenty of pictured evidence of the main character, Tyrone Johnson's life.

Tyrone Johnson is a kid who inherits his fathers business when he is sent off to jail. He is experienced in dealing because his father showed him how to do it. His goal is to be King of the Streets, but his life changes when he meets a girl named Alice. He starts to fall for her during the book, and when a series of incidents happen, he starts thinking about things that he never thought he would think about. This book takes place in the streets of Brooklyn where back then, everybody was either selling drugs or taking them. I really enjoyed this book because it took me back to my past events; looking back into the past is something that everybody should enjoy, even if you have regrets. If you ever happen to stumble upon this book, it is a book that is recommended by many others besides me.


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