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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Kite Runner

By Khaled Hosseini

Reviewed by Jessica M., BCCHS student
Kite Runner is about friendship, loyalty, and cruelty. It’s about Amir’s childhood with Hassan and his relationship with his father in a cruel society. He has to deal with a secret that makes him who he is now.

The story takes place in Afghanistan. This book gives people a good idea of Afghan history, so I highly recommended this book to those people who love to learn about history and who like violent books. I’m not a person who likes violent books, but when I got to some parts of the book, it was surprising because unexpected things happen that are intense. An interesting quote from the book was, “For you, a thousand times over.” Hassan tells Amir these words that mean that he would basically do anything for him, which is disturbing because Amir wasn’t really a true friend and Hassan was.

It would have been a little better if the book had had a mini glossary in the back of the book so that the reader could understand what it is saying because it has a lot of Arabic words. On a scale from one to ten, I would give this book an eight because even though it has violence, it’s still a great book.

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