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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wicked Lovely

By Melissa Marr
Reviewed by Sarah G., BCCHS student

“Studying the art and realizing that beauty wasn’t in the order, but in the unplanned harmony.”

To me this quote not only signifies art but it could represent a person too. Things aren’t always going to be beautiful at first, but to see someone for who they truly are-- That’s what makes them beautiful. That’s what makes someone truly special. 

Wicked Lovely is a story about a summer king looking for his summer queen. Ash is destined to become the summer queen but throughout the story you read of her struggle to remain human and remain in the semi-normal life she has been living. Also, the struggle to remain with the man she loves and not fall prey to the fairies of the summer court.

I enjoyed this book very much. My favorite character in the book is Seth because even though he doesn’t exactly believe that fairies exist, he still tries to find ways to help Ash to defend against the fairies. And another weird thing is that the summer king’s parents were the former summer king and the winter queen. The reason it’s so strange is because the summer king and the summer queen cannot stand to be around each other because one brings warmth and the other brings frost.

I most certainly recommend this book. Especially for those who love fantasy love story drama. On a scale to 1 to 10, 10 being the greatest, I rate this book a 9. This book is good for anyone from middle school to high school and maybe for older people who enjoy these types of books.

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