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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hole in My Life

By Jack Gantos

Reviewed by Adrian H., BCCHS student

A Hole In My Life is a very interesting book, but if you want to enjoy the book you must always be thinking as you read and trying to predict what’s going to happen so that you understand what’s going on. The book keeps you on your toes. It’s mainly about this young teen who is forced to become a man at a young age because of his life situation. He has his own apartment, his own car, and he is a student in high school trying to do everything in his power to become a professional writer, and the way he does it is unique: Instead of making his writing plain and boring, throughout the story he forces himself into situations that are dangerous and daring, which get him into trouble and sent to jail, and from there the story begins!

If I were to rate this book, I would give it eight out of ten, which is good. This book is mainly for anybody that likes reading, but it also depends on what type of a book reader you are. For example the book is based on a true story, and it is based on somebody’s life. You must begin with high expectations for the book to actually like it.

I found it interesting and unusual that the character is a good kid and his mentality in life is positive, but from out of nowhere he goes to jail for a mistake that he will regret his whole life. It was interesting when he said, “I wasn’t raised around this level of violence.” He’s not a bad man; he’s just put in a spot where he doesn’t belong. And many people can relate to this situation because when you least expect it you can make a mistake that will make your life go downhill. So reading this book will keep you aware of how anything can happen even though your intention isn’t to do anything bad. The book makes you visualize his perspective so that you don’t make the same mistakes. This book can be looked at in many ways—from entertaining to an eye opener to many other subjects. That’s the main reason why you will enjoy this book, guaranteed.

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