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Sunday, May 23, 2010


By Jerry Spinelli

Reviewed by Levon, BCCHS student

Stargirl is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone. This book in my opinion captures the high school attitude and spirit of teens my generation. Teens like Stargirl, who are unique and outlandish, do get bullied in reality just like in the book, and I think the connection the author makes with fiction and reality makes the book more interesting too. Stargirl is written in such a way that all of us can relate to it, we understand and feel what Stargirl is going through because so many of us have either been picked on or know someone who has. Also, anyone who has just started a new school or is going somewhere new for the first time will also like this book. I like the fact that the character Stargirl symbolizes leadership, and teaches us not to be a follower but to always be ourselves. Because of her great attitude she makes a big impact on the high school, and she leaves a stamp on it for life.

The characters in the book are very realistic to students in high school in today’s age. There is the typical popular rich girl, the jock, the smart guy, a very unique girl, and of course the jerk, because of this most of us can make a much easier connection. I also found the setting to be a little bit weird for a story like this: it takes place in a small high school in a small town in Arizona. In general it’s a very fun book, and once you pick it up you wont stop because of the story's great theme.

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