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Monday, May 24, 2010

'Salem’s Lot

By Stephen King

Reviewed by Alan Nguyen, BCCHS student

"…in the awful heavy silence of the house, as he sat impotently on his bed with his face in his hands, he heard the high, sweet, evil laugh of a child—and then the horrible sucking sounds."

This book, written by Stephen King, is about a novelist named Ben Mears, who goes to his hometown in southern Maine, after being away for 25 years. Ben had the idea of writing one of his books on the Marsten house, a house that sits on top of the hill staring down at 'Salem's lot. The experience he had at that house has kept him from coming back to the town. Everything seems normal at first, but the town's fate is more dreadful than death. The population decreases over time, a man's best friend is found dead, and monsters of the night take over…
It was a great book, it was the first Stephen king book that I have read, and for any student who is looking for a book that is sure to give you chills it would be 'Salem's lot. 

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