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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Night Hoops

By Carl Deuker

Reviewed by Andy M.

Night Hoops is a fiction book about a boy’s basketball life. He is starting his first year of high school at Bothell High and is extremely excited about trying out for the varsity basketball team. He had already been the point-guard for his middle school, so he is confident, and he spent his entire summer playing at the school's basketball courts, but that was before his dad constructed a full court in their backyard. After it was built, he practiced everyday and only got better. Eventually, he became the starting point-guard for his high school. His first game was great. He scored and had several assists, but the next couple of games were atrocious. This caused him to become a bench warmer, which was unacceptable for him and his father. He then has to work extremely hard in order to earn his minutes again and to help his team win.

This book is recommended to anyone who likes basketball. It is very inspiring and motivational. One can relate to it not only through basketball, but through life as well. Seeing how Nick Abbot and Trent Dawson, the two main characters, worked hard and never gave up made me personally want to be a better basketball player. This is a book that will not put one to sleep and will end up making the reader feel as if it is a true story.

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