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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boot Camp

By Todd Strasser

Reviewed by Anthony Garcia


Garrett is a really smart 15-year old that has good grades. He is passing all his classes and gets proficient scores on his tests. But he also has a bad side. Garrett is always disobeying his parents and decides to rebel against them. He decides to smoke pot and date his teacher who is 8-years older. His parents tell him to stop but he doesn’t listen. Garrett’s parents get fed up and send him to Lake Harmony. Lake Harmony is a boot camp. Garrett doesn’t think he deserves to be there once he arrives. But while he’s there, he meets two people that have an escape plan. He considers both the benefits and consequences. The benefits are freedom and the consequences will possibly be life threatening.


“You don’t get out by giving them what you think they want. You don’t get out until you are what they want.” –Pauly


This book is great. Nice story line and everything connects together. It gives the reader a lot to visualize.

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