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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12)

Written by Jim Butcher
Reviewed by Eric M., BCCHS student

*** This book is available at your local public library or bookstore.

Changes is the 12th novel in the Dresden Files Universe, and it’s the exactly what the title states, changes. Meet Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only practicing professional Wizard. He’s been in more “end of the world” scrapes and adventures than he has fingers, has 10 times more enemies than friends, owns a spiritual entity that lives in a skull called Bob, consults for the Chicago Police Department on supernatural cases, is a Warden of the White Council and a teacher to his apprentice, Molly.

For the last 11 books or so, Harry has primarily been hired/bullied/tricked into taking cases/assignments that have led him to having to either:

     A. Save lives (sometimes his own)

     B. Save Chicago.

     Or C. Save the World.

Whether its squaring off against killer F.B.I. werewolves, starting wars between courts singlehandedly, going toe-to-toe with sex-driven Vampires, or having to go up against a couple of heavyweight divine-gods—twice—you name it, Harry has done it all. Harry has been fighting for his life, his city, and his world for years.

But just when his previous engagement had left him asking what the world would ask of him next, his ex-girlfriend (who was turned into a half-vampire after an enemy of Harry’s kidnapped her and gave her a new taste for blood) called him up and opened with a casual, “They’ve taken our daughter.” Talk about a wake-up call.

Harry now faces a daunting task: not only does he have to go up against an entire vampire race (which he’s been at war with for half a decade), but Harry’s conscience will be tested more than ever. In the past, Harry has been offered immense power from evil yet powerful individuals. And even though he always seemed to be staring death in the face, he always declined. But now, Harry isn’t the one in danger, and he will have to decide just how long he can walk the straight and narrow before his little girl runs out of time.

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