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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Book by Stephen King

Review by Alan N., BCCHS student

“It was time to teach them a lesson. Time to show them a thing or two. She giggled hysterically.”
A high school student who is harassed constantly, so that every moment the anger becomes worse and worse—Carrie White is not your ordinary 16-year-old girl. She is seen as a freak, somebody who does not belong in Chamberlain, Maine. Her mother sees her own daughter as a sinner, a witch, and Carrie soon realizes the gift she has, the power to move anything with her mind. As things get worse, she knows what she must do, punish those who did her wrong, the ones who underestimated her; she will make them suffer, let them know that Carrie White is one person not to bother, and she waits for her prom night, a night she will always cherish. In the book, she is described as a girl who has self-doubt, who is someone who will never find true love, or ever have a relationship.

The book, in my opinion, was able to demonstrate high school life and what certain people go through. What I really enjoy about the author is that Stephen King is able to blend a little of reality and fiction together, and come up with a story that is very interesting. Carrie is one of my favorite Stephen King books. It is well written, the suspense is unrelenting, and it is a fast-paced novel. Another good thing about it is that when a significant event occurs, the novel changes to another setting in which the characters describe the situation of the prom night, the night that no one will ever forget. The novel is a great book, and I hope the students that read it can enjoy it as much as I did. What I also liked from the book was that it is full of detail, and describes every little thing that is needed to understand the story.

I know this long review can be boring or stupid, the reason is because I’m doing an extra credit assignment for my English class, and I NEED THE POINTS! I hope the person that is reading this review can take their time to read the book, and I hope they will like it—Who wouldn’t like it, IT’S CARRIE EVERYONE, the story about the girl who has hate for everyone, including her own mother; but I don’t blame her, because her mom is crazy. Carrie is a short novel, 245 pages long, but once you read the very beginning, you won’t want to put the book down. I thank you for taking your time to read this very long review, and I hope you will read the book.

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