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Friday, December 3, 2010


Written by Eireann Corrigan

Reviewed by Ms. Freeman, BCCHS Teacher Librarian

Have you ever secretly fantasized about doing something really awful and manipulative in order to get what you want?  Like devising a elaborate plan to steal your best friend’s boyfriend or cheat on the SAT?  You’d probably (hopefully!) never go through with such a wicked scheme…but this book is about two friends who took that secret fantasy and acted on it.

Chloe and Finn were terribly stressed out about getting into a top college and felt they needed an extra something to make them stand out on their applications. The friends started joking about how much attention kidnapped girls receive, and then their jokes turned into a twisted plan: They decided to fake Chloe’s kidnapping and have Finn miraculously find/save her. What a college essay that story would make!

It was supposed to be a “victimless crime,” but the pain they inflict on their families and on the prime suspect turn their cute plan into a nightmare. They never meant to hurt anyone, but can they back out of their plan before they ruin their own lives and the lives of those around them?

I liked this book because it was surprisingly realistic for such a far-fetched plot. It seemed to show what would really happen if you tried to fake your best friend’s kidnapping! However, I had hoped it would be a really tense, suspenseful book, and instead I found it more interesting than suspenseful. (The end was suspenseful, though!)

I’m very curious to know if BCCHS students will like it…Please let me know what you think!

(Note: I know that my use of the word “hopefully” above is grammatically incorrect. Please forgive me, English teachers.)

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