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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fake ID (Hunted)

By Walter Sorrells

Reviewed by Ms. Freeman

Every couple years, Chass's mom announces that they're moving.  They get in the car immediately, randomly pick a point on a map, and start driving to a new city where they don't know anyone.  Over and over again, they change their names and start a whole new life.  But why?  Who are they running from?   What kind of danger are they in?  Chass has no idea...She doesn't even know her real name or who her father is.

On Chass's 16th birthday, everything comes to a head.  Her mom disappears, and Chass soon learns that whoever took her mother is coming to get her too.  Both of their lives are in danger, and Chass has to put together the puzzle pieces of her life and revisit a decades-old murder in order to save her mom and herself before it's too late!

On top of that, her best friend has a big crush on her, but she's never thought of him in "that way."  Until now...

Fake ID is a fast-paced mystery that's fun to read.  Chass is a cool heroine with a good sense of humor, so it's easy to sympathize with her when things get ugly.  I didn't think all the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly in the end, but I haven't met a Birmingham student who read Fake ID and didn't like it -- Several students have asked me to get the sequel.  Highly recommended for 9th-12th graders who want a quick YA read with suspense!

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  1. I would like to read this book because its sounds like a really good, suspenseful book to read. I love reading a book and having to guess what is going to happen next and i think this book would do that.

  2. it sounds like a very interesting book. I love the suspenseful/mysteries books. I would love to read this.