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Monday, February 13, 2012

Generation Dead

By Dan Waters
Reviewed by Anthony L., BCCHS student

Many teens at Oakvale High have died, but strangely enough, they are not staying dead. They come back to life, but they do not come back the same. Some say they are “Living impaired” and “differently biotic.” They are doing their best to try to blend back into their society again.

Phoebe Kendall was never cut out to be popular. Nobody can believe how she falls for Tommy Williams, a “living impaired” guy. Not even her best friend, Margi, can believe her. Even her neighbor, Adam, doesn’t believe her.

Adam, the star football player, is really good friends with Phoebe. He believes his feelings for her run very deep. He would do anything just to make her happy. What’s life like at a high school like this? Read to find out.

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