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Monday, January 31, 2011

Keysha's Drama

By Earl Sewell

Reviewed by Ashley D., BCCHS student

Have you ever felt the need to run away from something that was so negative in your life? What about asking yourself if it's worth living? Keysha had this problem, and there was even more to it. Everyone may have problems, but there are always other people who have worse problems than you do.

Keysha and her mom had been living together while her father was like most, and wasn't around while she was growing up. While her mom was out running the streets and doing anything for money, Keysha was going to school; she'd rather be at school than at home where it was so empty. Finding out that her mother and grandmother had been in so much trouble in the past, she wanted to be different going into the future. Later, Keysha is taken away, and put in a place to live, but with whom?

Keysha barely has any friends to tell her problems to, her family members are never around, and she hasn't met her father until now. If you took a walk in Keysha's shoes, what would you do? You need to know the whole story to make the right choice!

I liked this book because it made me be thankful for the things I have, and accept the things that cannot be changed. It really showed me how to love your family, even if there are ups and downs. It may be especially moving to a reader coming from an African American background.

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