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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Written by Gabrielle Zevin

Reviewed by Ruben V., BCCHS student

Gabriele Zevin has written a novel worth reading. The book, Elsewhere, gives a perfect descriptive view into what lies in the afterlife. The protagonist, Liz, was run over by a taxi cab, after which she is sent into this miraculous afterlife, Elsewhere. Elsewhere is so like Earth, and also completely unlike Earth. All the features of Earth are found in this place, but Elsewhere is also the home of dead people, where they age backwards instead of growing older.

This book has a peaceful quality, given the fact that it mentions a lot about death. The main characters live here with ease, a relaxing environment, with a bit of romance and fights sprinkled into the book. A must read for young adults, since many people can relate to the young girl who died, Liz. A book that has flowing text, where no dictionary is required. An excellent book, with the similarity with The Lovely Bones, where the two young girls in the stories met an unwanted fate. You could find the book here in the Birmingham Library, with plentiful copies of this wondrous book.

** Note from Ms. Freeman:  This book is also available in the BCCHS Library in Spanish.  (En Otro Lugar)

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