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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Last Thing I Remember

By Klavan, Andrew

Reviewed by Jesus, BCCHS student

The last thing Charlie West remembers is writing a girl’s number in his hand, when he wakes up bloodied, tied to a chair, and hearing someone give the order to kill him. After getting away from the killer, he finds out that he’s wanted for the murder of his best friend. After escaping police custody, he discovers that the pieces of conversation he heard while he was bound to the chair actually refer to a terrorist assassination plot. From various clues, he starts to figure what’s going on, but since he can’t go to the police he decides to stop it himself. Will he be able to stop the attempt? Will he find out who wants him dead?

I think this is a very interesting book that deals with scenarios that could happen. The best part was that he never gives up even when everything seems over for him.

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